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BoilerPlate Ethos

  • Strict CORBA compliance
  • Loose coupling by design
  • SOA Philosophy
  • Planned for reuse
  • Component based

What is BoilerPlate?

At its base, BoilerPlate is a simple framework that bootstraps any server-side CORBA application written in C++. It contains the code that tends to get written over-and-over. Specifically, the BoilerPlate framework initializes the ORB, and creates POA-s configured with common Policy sets. BoilerPlate has been used with several ORB implementations, both commerical and Open Source.

At a larger scale BoilerPlate is a CORBA container that standardizes bootstrapping, configuration, and other infrastructure services that interact with application code. BoilerPlate provides a pre-fabricated infrastructure that facilitates component based software engineering. A standardized infrastructure is a requirement for component reuse and a necessity for large scale model driven architecture.

CORBA's reviews are relative to the experiences of whoever you might be talking to. However, in situations when teams have carefully considered and leveraged the features of CORBA, it performed beyond expectation. Under the high pressure of e-business development demands, BoilerPlate can get you started quickly and stay CORBA compliant without having to write the bootstrapping code and standardized infrastructure services that are vendor agnostic.

BoilerPlate has already proven that it works with multiple ORB implementations. BoilerPlate Services will also work with multiple ORB implementations. Some ORB vendors provide the very visible specifications like Events, Naming, Notification, and Trader. But many very useful services specifications are overlooked but can play a very important role in your CORBA deployments.